EU Constitution: A one page summary


The EU Constitution is a summary of the five EU treaties the Queen has signed since 1972; much of it is already implemented.  Rejection by the voters of France and Holland has not slowed it's progress.  In summer 2008  the Queen and Parliament will sign a sixth and final illegal EU treaty to complete this constitution in treaty form. It will be their final act of treason.  This Constitution will then be fully enforced.  Unlike the treaties it is in readable English, and reveals the EU's true nature.


I-6   EU Constitution and law has primacy over member states. Abolishes the British Constitution and Westminster.

I-9-2 Accepts the EU Convention on Protection of Human Rights, but not if it affects the EU's powers.

I-10. We will start with both EU and national citizenship. Yes, the EU is to be a nation in its own right.


I-12  Member states may not compete with the EU's powers ("competencies"). 

I-12-2 In shared powers, member nations may not exercise power unless the EU allows it.

I-12-4 The EU has power over defence.   (Notice the repetitions below - the EU demands military power)

I-13 The EU has absolute power on: customs, rules on the single market, monetary policy, fishing, commerce, and    international agreements, eg treaties. (Absolute power = exclusive competencies) 

I-15 Members must make their employment, social and economic policies comply with the EU's.

I-16-1 The EU has absolute power over foreign policy, security and defence.

I-16-2 All states shall comply with 16-1.  So Westminster has no powers unless the EU grants them.

I-18. If the Constitution forgot powers to achieve its ends, the Council of Ministers shall add them.

The EU will have absolute power; Westminster will have no powers of its own; not even those of a county council, because BritainŐs 12 EU regions will report to Brussels.  The EU will clearly have the power to close Westminster whenever it so decrees.


I-19   Institutions: The Council of Ministers ("The Council") controls all EU Parliament legislation.

I-20   Maximum 750 EU MPs, (MEPs) five year term. Minimum 6, maximum 96, per State.

I-21   The EU Council, consisting of Heads of State, shall direct the EU and its foreign policy.

I-23   The Council of Ministers, one per state, shall direct legislative and budgetary functions.

I-26   The EU Commission is the executive.

I-26-7 The Commission has absolute power. It's only accountability is a censure vote from Parliament.

I-27-1 The Council chooses the President of the Commission, parliament merely ratifies it.

I-27-2 The Council of Ministers appoints Commissioners. Parliament has no say. There is no democracy in the Commission, it is a dictatorship. Only the Commission may propose legislation, MEPs  function is merely to push buttons to approve the CommissionŐs legislation.  The EU Parliament, (the only vote we will have left,) is a sham. It's the Soviet system.


I-33 -36 EU laws, decisions and regulations are binding on member states, and enforced by the EU.

I-41 Re-confirms military control. (Formerly French and British nuclear weapons will be controlled by EU dictators.)

I-4I-3  Each nation is to build up its armed forces.  They clearly want the EU to be a military power.

I-43 The EU has the power to mobilise the military assets of all States when it declares an emergency.


I-46-4 "The principal of representative democracy" "Political parties at the European level contribute to EU awareness and express the wishes of citizens."  Our Lib-Lab-Con parties will be replaced by EU wide parties with names like Party of European Socialists (PES), and European Peoples Party (EPP).

I-47-4 Petitions: One million citizens from many countries (ie with difficulty) may merely invite the Commission to propose that the Constitution be implemented. ie, we can only agree. Soviet style.

I-50. Only the Council sometimes, and Parliament, shall meet in public. (All others meet in secret.)

I-59-3 If there is just a "clear risk" of a State breaching I-2 (Human rights), the EU can suspend that State's rights (including voting), but its obligations to the EU remain. (Designed for abuse!)


I-60 "Any State may decide to withdraw from the EU". But terms will be decided by the Council (they keep our oil, fishing, currency reserves, armed forces and nukes?).  Requires agreement by the EU Parliament. Article III-325 3 puts more steps in the way. A qualified majority is 72% of the Council. Like Hungary, we can never leave. 


In summary, the EU Constitution is similar to the old Soviet UnionŐs and builds a dictatorship. It starts with human rights platitudes, then conceals its destruction of democracy in its massive 465 pages;  while the EU's Corpus Juris legal system steals our rights.  Harmonising our laws with the EU over 33 years has given us the laws of a police state, ready for the EU to enforce. The EUŐs 111,000 regulations will control our personal lives more closely than were Soviet Citizens.  The EU will become our nation, and as a result Britain will be abolished as a nation.


We can avoid this by repealing the 1972 EU Communities Act before we are imprisoned inside.


David Noakes.