Do you know the truth about the EU?


1. The Queen has signed all six EU Treaties.


2. The six treaties define and build the EU as an unelected politburo dictatorship.


3. The EU's laws, now “harmonized” in Britain, give it the powers of a police state.


4. On 1st January 2009 the Lisbon Treaty replaces the British Constitution with the EU’s, completing the abolition of Britain and England as nations. In two years the EU will consolidate its power in Britain.,

Shouldn't we repeal the 1972 European Communities Act now before we are imprisoned inside?


5. Thirty six years inside the EU - have you noticed how our democracy is being withdrawn?

The EU has denied us that most basic of human rights - the right to vote against the EU and to keep our own nation. A majority of us don't want to be in the EU.  We have been forced in against our will.


Do you feel you've become powerless, or your vote is worth less? The six treaties are removing our democracy by harmonising our laws with the EU; 80% of Parliaments new laws are the EUs, not ours. Isn't the real reason people have lost interest in politics precisely because the EU has taken away our ability to change things?


Common law, where government was our servant, is now largely replaced by the EU's Corpus Juris, where the government is the ruler, and we dont participate. Yet politicians lie about the EU, pretending its not significant.


6. Massive EU corruption

The EU's auditors have found the fraud is so widespread they've refused to sign the EU's accounts for ten years. Whistleblowers like Marta Andreason, the EU Budget Director, who in 2005 found the EU couldn't account for 95% of its £66 billion budget, are simply fired for telling the truth.


7. The bribing of our Politicians by the EU
Europe works by bribing politicians with huge salaries and expenses to vote for Europe, against the best interests of their voters. So the Labour, Conservatives and Lib Dem leaderships are all controlled by the EU - a Westminster one party state. Westminster has been a puppet government of the EU for 36 years.


8. EU corruption is exploding in our Civil Service,  local government, and 8,500+ quangos.
The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister  (ODPM) is in charge of the handover of power to the EU. Its Common Purpose local control organization has trained 30,000 local leaders for the handover. It is also the glue that enables countless frauds across government departments, rewarding pro EU local politicians and bureaucrats.


9. Businesses closing under EU regulation
The EU's 111,000 regulations will close our 4.5 million small businesses when fully enforced, and control our private lives more closely than those of Soviet citizens. (In a Parliamentary answer to Lord Stoddart in January 2003, the government said there were 101,811 EU regulations, growing at 3,500 pa.)


10. The EU costs us £300 billion pa, 25% of our £1,330 billion economy
According to the government's Better Regulation Task Force, complying with EU regulations now costs our economy over £100 billion a year.  Common Purpose runs 8,500 EU quangos in England costing  the Treasury £167 billion a year according to the Cabinet office (the Exchequer’s biggest expenditure by far). The EU took our fishing industry, which costs us £5 billion pa, closed 2/3 of our farming, and forced us to close Rover Cars. EU damage to other industries a further £20 billion. Our EU contribution is £10 billion.  Taxes have doubled since we've been in the EU, leaving little money left in the economy for millions now struggling to make ends meet, even before overwhelming EU immigration takes our jobs.


11. Our counties to be abolished
The Queen signed the 1992 Maastricht Treaty, which adopts the EU Regionalisation Plan. This will abolish England's 48 counties and replace them with 9 European regions, each with their own Regional Capital, which reports directly to Brussels, not to Westminster. This effectively eliminates the country of England.


12. The EU's dispossession of the English.

The 1997 Amsterdam Treaty gave the EU control of our immigration; theyve let 10 million in, overcrowding our cities and putting millions on minimum wage. With the Lisbon Treaty abolishing our nation, then our counties,  the EU ruling us from Brussels with the laws of a police state, and the English already at the bottom of every government, legal and politically correct queue, we will literally have no place we call home.



Please find out when your MP has his or her surgery. Attend with this and preferably a print out of the web site below, and ask them to oppose the EU. Visit your councillors with the same documents and inform them they should not agree to be abolished without the full consent of their own electorate. Give copies to any journalists you know.                                                           


To take action, please see    David Noakes.  





What will life be like in the EU after the 7th Treaty is signed?  


The last 20% of  our Westminster Parliaments remaining powers are transferred to Europe as of 1st January 2009. Westminster loses its reason to exist.  It is the formal end of Britain and England as nations. 


Britain's 153 embassies around the world will be closed. (As Tony Blair refused to admit this has been agreed to, Jose Zapatero, the Prime Minister of Spain, confirmed it in a February 2005 radio broadcast.) 


Your address will change  after the EU abolishes our 48 counties, from 4 High St, Taunton, Somerset, Great Britain, to 4 High St, Taunton, Area K, European Union. ("Area K" - has been assigned for a decade.) 


The National Anthem of the EU, based on the melody "Ode to Joy" by Beethoven, formally replaces God Save the Queen. The EU flag replaces the Union Jack, the red, blue and white nautical ensigns etc. (The EU Commission ordered our Merchant Navy to fly the EU flag on 24th November 2005; they will no longer  be able to refuse.)


The EU will take ownership and command of our Police, Army, Royal Navy, RAF, nuclear weapons, currency reserves, North Sea Oil. (See the six EU Treaties, or the Constitution, which summarises them.) 


It is illegal to criticise the EU under the 1999 ruling of the European court of "Justice" case c274/99. This will then be enforced, and non EU political parties will be banned.  The fact the EU is a police state will be very clear.


The Conservative, Labour and Lib-dem parties will be abolished (only pan EU parties like the EPP or PES are allowed -see clause I.46.4 of the EU Constitution). It will then be obvious to even the dumbest politician there is no reason to keep Westminster open, and that the EU has the legal right to close it. 


Most of our 4.5 million small businesses will close on the enforcement of the remaining 100,000 EU regulations already passed (over 100,000 already have). Up to 13.5 million will be permanently unemployed.


The 111,000 regulations will make us all criminals. Ignorance of the law is no defence; but its impossible to know 111,000 regulations, and the poor can't possibly afford to comply. The Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 means you can be arrested for infringing any EU regulation, no matter how minor.  We will live under permanent fear of fines, arrest and imprisonment. Here are just 5 examples out of 111,000: 


It is now illegal for you to repair the plumbing, windows or electrics in your own house, or to repair your own car.  If you buy a boat over six feet long, built after the EU Recreational Craft Directive of 1999, and don't pay the EU £4,000 to "measure" the boat, you get 6 months in prison.


The government and big corporations will have a monopoly on employment and will be able to dictate unfavourable terms and minimum wage to staff without fear of contradiction. 


Plum government jobs and corruption will ensure the wealth of politicians, bureaucrats, their businesses and associates at all levels of government, including amongst our 7000+ quangos. Society will divide in two: the remaining 60% of us will be unemployed or on minimum wage. 


We will be ruled by the unelected three tier politburo dictatorship; our only vote is to the powerless EU parliament. Taxes will rise more steeply to pay for the even larger explosion in government growth and corruption; we will be as poor but have less freedom than Soviet Citizens.  If we demonstrate or protest we can be be seized and relocated to another region as refugees.


The EU Arrest Warrant and Civil Contingencies Act 2004, with 30 other oppressive EU Acts the Queen has signed since 1972, give the government absolute power over us. Since 1992 the police have shot dead innocents Philip Prout, Jean de Menezes and 28 others. Shoot to kill is legal under EU Corpus Juris law.


How long will the EU last?  The EUs Constitution is strikingly similar to the old Soviet Unions. In perhaps 15 years Europe will collapse under the weight of its own corruption, bureaucracy, and regulations. There will be so few productive businesses that even at 100% tax rates we will not be able to support the massive, corrupt and wasteful government; but many of us will be impoverished and starving long before then. Afterwards we may be able to leave the EU, if a dictator has not taken advantage of the absence of democratic checks and balances by seizing power. That dictator would have the formerly British and French Nuclear weapons.  History warns us dictators start wars.



Stop the EU police state


To take action: go to  And complete a campaign.    David Noakes.