Malcolm Wood's rotten borough of Falmouth and Camborne.


For the third year running Malcolm Wood has rigged the election of chairman in Falmouth and Camborne, and put his own candidate in, at the meeting of 28th January 2007.


He did it firstly by a character assassination to influence the votes in the room, then disallowed proxies, reversing the rules from last year to suit himself.


Here's the detail:

The meeting was chaired by Jeff Mager, Wood's usual accomplice, just like last year.


Malcolm began with a speech in which he said he had to throw the "militant tendancy" of the New Battle for Britain out of UKIP.


The truth of course is the opposite: Plymouth Branch committee resigned en mass because each time they set up a serious campaign to fight the EU, Malcolm Wood blocked it.


Malcolm Wood is the principal reason Plymouth branch left UKIP, and you can call Tom Williams, or anyone on the former committee, to verify this.


Its always been the same for me too: Malcolm Wood blocks the publication of my anti-EU research in the party, and attempts to stop every anti-EU action of consequence we take.


That is why our Action Now! training sessions, where we teach branches and individuals how to attack the EU effectively, our anti-EU newspaper, The Westminster News, and my four personal anti-EU websites with their 30,000 visitors annually, all have to be run outside UKIP.


Michael Carter, a Malcolm Wood crony then got up in the audience, and carried out a clearly rehearsed assassination of my character:


I had "fallen out with the Falmouth Harbour Commissioners."  Well of course I had. 14 million went missing while they were Directors of the Falmouth Maritime Museum, and they ended up with the best private boatyard in Cornwall paid for by our taxes, a typical Common Purpose scam. They were also changing their constitution to remove all accountability.   I fought them tooth and nail.


My "devious" actions on the "Save the Recreation Ground" campaign.  Why is this so devious?  I founded this and am chairman of it, and we have collected over 4,000 signatures. But Carter duplicitously painted it as something dirty. The truth is it's a brilliant effort by my committee, who have worked very hard.


Carter made out that the thrust of my websites, principally,  is mainly anti Monarchy instead of anti-EU, and that its seeks to bring UKIP into disrepute.  I research to find the truth, I publish the truth, however unpalatable it may be, and stand by it.  I ask you to look yourselves, and decide whether or not Carter is misrepresenting the site.


He accused me of bullying two blind old ladies to force proxy votes out of them, when they wanted to vote for the other side.  I asked, but he wouldn't give their names, of course.  I didn't meet two blind ladies. In each case I telephoned first for permission, I gave everyone a one page summary of why I'm standing,  we always have a chat, often lasting over an hour because of the interest. Those I contacted had also been my assentors for the leadership election, so we know each other, quite well in many cases. I'm a believer in ordinary people, their rights, and democracy first.


Like the rest of Mike Carter's presentation, this too was simply barefaced lies. They took my good public works,  and painted them as something dirty.

But I was never formally invited to speak, had to get my points across as interruptions, and was not therefore able to reply to all of it, and the mud stuck enough that they turned the room against me.  On the basis of Carter's misrepresentations, some now thought I should be ejected from the party.


All that remained was for them to reverse the rule from last year,  disallow proxy votes this year, and they had won for the third year running.


A month earlier my supporters had asked David Parker, the Chairman, if proxy votes would be allowed this year, as they had been the year before, when Malcolm Wood's side had them at the EGM.  Yes, proxies would be allowed, as we have many housebound members.


From the chair Mager said he'd received an email from Piers Merchant that proxies were not to be allowed.  I made the point the rules can't be changed each year on the basis of emails on the fly.


They held a vote for the committee, and with the aspersions on my character uppermost in everyone's mind, I didn't make it on to the committee.


They then had a vote for chairman, and they would only permit one candidate, David Parker, as I "was not now on the committee."  Then they had the vote for this one candidate.


So Malcolm Wood had his third fix in a row.


John Portsmouth left the meeting in disgust, Mrs. Delacour-Keir said she would not renew her membership.


To Malcolm Wood's satisfaction, Falmouth and Camborne will now remain a quiet branch, consisting of committee meetings and bring and buy sales that does not seriously attack the EU. 


David Parker comes across as a good man, and I'm surprised he is prepared to go along with this. Some of the members were again horrified at the proceedings, and David Parker apologised when Wood or Mager told him to, for "his" mistakes, as he did last year.


Last Year.

In the 2006 AGM I won on a straight ballot only. Malcolm Wood immediately intervened to disallow my election, then we had a seriously fixed EGM at which Malcolm Wood's side was allowed proxies which swung the result his way.  They said they had four proxies, but we weren't allowed to see them. About half the members present were disgusted with the proceedings.


Given the huge efforts and sacrifices that come from members, it is surprising how ineffective the South West has been in the EU fight.  We have no doubt the reason is Regional "Kontroller" Malcolm Wood.  We watch him sabotage anti-EU efforts in the South West, which he has successfully neutralised.


Many ordinary members do not realise Malcolm Wood is paid by the European Union. There is no doubt in our minds he is also working for the EU.


If the South West is to be effective we must get rid of Malcolm Wood, and appoint a coordinator who leads the fight against the EU, not blocks it.  South West Committee: Will you please take action on this?



David Noakes. .