What's the truth about terrorism and the EU?


The Independent Newspaper's front page article "The Great Deception" (15th Feb 06) covered the government's fabrication of non existent terrorist incidents, but missed the point of why its being done.

That fabrication exists to allow the EU police state to be built all around us

- the EU Arrest Warrant 2003, the Civil Contingencies Act (more draconian than Hitler's enabling act), passed in 2004, when police with machine guns began guarding MP's offices in Westminster, 30 years of "Anti terrorist" legislation and Police Acts, the ID cards Bill, all removing our freedom.

Few realise that Habeas Corpus has gone - only the theory remains.

Terrorism is cured by good foreign policy, not by making us subservient to the state.

The small amount of terrorism that exists now is largely caused by our part in killing 1.7 million Iraqis - 250,000 during Desert Storm (GHW Bush) in 1991, 600,000 starved to death under our sanctions according to UNESCO (Bush paid the "oil for food" money to his former weapons customer, Saddam Hussein), 12 years of "no fly zone" bombing , and 850,000 in Blair and GW Bush's war.

Those who have followed current affairs for the last 15 years knew where the WMD were right from the beginning; a vast arsenal - its in the USA and includes 8,000 nuclear weapons, to Iraq's zero. Just who is so obviously the aggressor here?

Remember the 1963 coup that put Saddam Hussein's brutal Baathist Party into power was financed by the Americans. Who can blame the Iraqis if they believe Britain and America are the terrorists, with foreign policy like this?.

Our government has clearly generated terrorism; it suits them as it provides the reason to withdraw our freedom. But they have failed, it would seem, to annoy the Iraqis enough, and as the Independent points out, government feel the need to fabricate more terrorist incidents to justify their criminal dismantelling of our Constitution, common law and nation.

The resulting laws, of what is now legally the UK police state, might not be so frightening if they were to be administered from Westminster and left largely unused. But that is not the plan. These laws have been put here since 1973 by our new rulers, an undemocratic foreign power - the EU. The EU will enforce them. No more frightening a future could possibly wait us.

David Noakes.