Advantages of leaving

We can stop the deliberate collapse of Sterling and the poverty planned for us by the EU.

Stop the waste on the EU’s control structures in Britain, particularly its 8,500 quangos costing £167 billion annually – the biggest single treasury expenditure.

Abolish the EU’s Common Purpose control organisation and its 30,000 UK “leaders”.

Stop paying £100 billion pa implementing EU regulations

Stop losing £35 billion annually trading with the EU

Throw out the EU quangos in the NHS costing £50 billion pa.

-which will put our budget into massive surplus. (The EU wastes ¼ of our economy)

Let the poor finally participate in the economy. The EU has just denied them the biggest boom in history. If we had taken back our money the EU has forcibly wasted in Britain each year, we could have used it to quadruple wages for the poor instead.

Abolish income tax for those on under £25,000pa, with automatic RPI increase each year.

Abolish the EU’s VAT, and its 120,000 regulations, returning freedom to business and people.

Stop 3 million EU immigrants arriving a year  – put our old border controls back.

Stop the hundreds of EU Frankfurt School subversion techniques. Including:

Restore the family which the EU is busy destroying. Reverse the trend to single mothers.

Throw out our corrupt, EU appointed judges, bring justice back to our now rotten courts.

Abolish the secret family courts that snatch 4,500 attractive children annually from good families for forced adoption. (Frankfurt School social engineering)

Stop the EU’s subversion of the NHS with continual change and other Frankfurt techniques.

Rebuild our armed forces, which the EU has been deliberately destroying.

Throw out the corrupt, unchristian leaders of the Church of England.

Throw out our corrupt top politicians, all of whom are in the pay of the EU.

Strengthen the British Constitution, take power back from government by submitting Bills to public ballot annually before Royal Assent.

We will then experience unparalled freedom, democracy and prosperity in Britain, still the world’s fifth largest economy among its 205 nations.