Your Campaigns

How to run the campaigns

General Strike and national campaigns

We need a permanent general strike against the EU and its puppet politicians at Westminster before the EU closes our parliament (this next 5 year term from 5th May 2010 will be its last.)

Or a huge permanent demonstration at Westminster until our traitorous Ministers and MP’s resign,  or vote that all six illegal EU treaties are struck out as null and void, and declare we are out of the EU dictatorship.

Or massive national civil disobedience where the public refuse to pay taxes or cooperate in any way with our corrupt and subversive Westminster government.

Or the military to arrest our criminal politicians and put them on trial for treason.

Local campaigns

The campaigns below, however, may be run by an individual, a group, or a political branch committee, who can ask for volunteers on a rota basis to visit MPs, councillors and journalists and manage the results.  Do not expect success on a first meeting. After the third meeting with a public figure the group will be able to assess its impact,  and decide where to concentrate its efforts.

  1. MPs surgeries. -the main campaign. 70 MPs must change sides to throw the Reform Treaty out.

Our 646 MPs  have weekly or fortnightly surgeries. They are there to serve ALL their constituents;  that means you too.  Look in the phone book for their Lib, Lab or Con political party and ask when and where the next MPs surgery is. Attend, and put your problem something like this:

“Clause 8A- 4 of the Lisbon Treaty (old EU Constitution I-46-4) empowers the EU to abolish national parties like your (Labour Party). The EU Constitution will be fully implemented by the six EU constitutional treaties when the Reform Treaty comes into effect on the 1st January 2009. It takes away the last 20% of Westminster’s powers, and replaces the British Constitution with the EU’s.

The six constitutional Treaties make no provision for Westminster elections. They give the EU more than sufficient power to close Westminster, probably on the 5th May 2010 when its 5 year term expires. As Westminster will have no powers and no function inside Europe, it probably will.  You will then lose your £240,000 salary and expenses.

Some newspapers have noticed EU laws passed by Westminster have built a legal police state in Britain. The Lisbon Treaty creates a three tier politburo dictatorship on the soviet model. As you put the EU in power, you are the greatest threat to remove it, and in the EU you will be seen as a threat, probably excluded from politics, possibly institutionalised, and much more tightly controlled than ordinary people like us. FTAC has probably been set up to institutionalise politicians.“

MPs worry about losing their seats, and their new £240,000pa salaries and expenses.   Give him the fliers the “tentruths.pdf” and the “One Page Reform Treaty (reformtreatysum.pdf)“.  Go through some of the points with him.

Explain if he doesn’t vote to declare Lisbon and the other five treaties null and void (which they are is under our written British Constitution (– yes its all been written, ever since Magna Carta) he’s allowing the abolition of his party, of his seat, and Westminster. That would be like turkey’s voting for Christmas, wouldn’t it? If we can get our 646 MPs to worry about the truth, we’ll make an impact in the House of Commons.

End with, “This is so serious that if your party won’t leave the EU,  please cross the floor to set up the first anti EU Parliamentary Party. You’ll be the most popular politician in the country – polls show 80%  are against the EU”.  This underlines the seriousness, and he may talk to others. If he crosses the floor, the publicity would be stunning. In this way a handful of MPs could create sufficient publicity to expose the true nature of the EU dictatorship and stop it.

Finally warn him the EU has the constitution of a dictatorship and the laws of a police state, and 120,000 regulations, that, when fully enforced, will close most of our 4.7 million small businesses and make up to 13.5 million unemployed.

  1. Force a local referendum.

50 councils are holding polls. You too can force a referendum on your parish council, using Part 3, Schedule 12, paragraph 18, sub paras 4&5 of the 1972 Local Government Act as follows:

  1. Six residents must sign a letter announcing a parish or town meeting with at least 7 days notice, and it must start after 6pm. 2. Inform the press and local dignitaries. 3. At least 10 people on the electoral role must show up. Propose and second a motion that a parish poll should be held.  At least 10 voters, and 1/3 of those present, need to vote in favour for the poll to take place. Under the Act, the council must hold the poll within 25 days.  The question should be:

   “The five European Union treaties signed since 1972 are illegal, and unconstitutional, and with the Lisbon Treaty will abolish our council, county and nation.”


“Do you want these treaties to be struck from the record, and Britain to leave the European Union?”

If their town or parish votes “No”, the publicity will be excellent, and the follow ups are superb. Do NOT ask the government to hold the referendum: the EU has already told them they can’t have one.

  1. Report treason crime

Visit your local police station and report two crimes: 1. Edward Heath and Douglas Hurd (still an active Tory Traitor) committed “a conspiracy to subvert the Constitution – Sedition at common law,” and 2.  “a conspiracy to hand this nation to the EEC/EU, treason at common law.”  The evidence is easy – its the governments own FCO 30/1048 document, on the eutruth website.

Try to get the police to come to your house. If you go to the station, go as a group; you will be bullied  or pressured to give up. Make sure they realise you are serious and will not go away.

If he refuses to record the crime or threatens to arrest you, take the number on his shoulder and name, tell him you wish to see an inspector to lodge a formal complaint against him for a serious neglect of duty.  Do not let the  inspector off with a local resolution; insist its recorded and passed to the force professional standards department.

It is every officer’s duty to detect offences, and place offenders before the courts. You need to force them to do their job. Take notes, ask him to sign them, and keep them anyway.  If their excuse is the computer systems will not record the crime, make sure he takes your documents and gives you a “Property Book Number.” You can then trace both him and the enquiry’s progress.