Lisbon Treaty

The 294 page Treaty of Lisbon sets up a three tier politburo dictatorship, and came into force on 1st January 2009. It gives the EU more powers than the 465 page EU Constitution by amending and adding the missing clauses to the existing five treaties. So you need to read all six treaties together, thousands of unreadable pages which includes Maastricht; and then see through its concealment and deception to get the full picture. There will be no more treaties: the six complete the EU.

Article 1-1a  Unlike Britain, the EU nation is atheist; its laws are not based on Christianity.

1-4 New article 2. It is the EU’s values that count, not the wishes of the people. The state comes first, soviet style.

1a and Article 2.1-6 make it very clear our new nation will be the European Union, not Britain.

2-2 and 2.3  Our former borders will mean nothing.

2-4 Gives the EU the power to force Britain into the Euro.

3a  Puts the EU’s former nations into the same position Soviet satellite states enjoyed.

3a-3 Compels former nations to obey the EU. They shall carry out the EU’s tasks, and may not oppose it.

3b-1 Conferral – the EU will not exceed the powers it has taken in the Treaties. Negated by 3b.3:

3b-3 If local powers can better be used by the EU, the EU will use them.

3b-4. Proportionality: The EU will not use more force than is necessary to compel us to comply with the Treaties.

Article 6 The EU recognises its own Charter of the EU’s Rights of 2007.

6-2 The EU accedes to the EU Convention on Human Rights, but not where it affects the EU’s power.

6-3.c Paves the way for The European Council to become independent of Heads of State, and become a politburo.

Article 8. Equality. In glorious Soviet style. And we are forced to accept EU citizenship.

Article 8A-1 to 4 Prepares the way for the abolition of  Westminster:

8A-2  Heads of state can be bypassed in favour of “government;” National Parliaments bypassed direct to citizens.

8A-3. Decisions to be taken as close as possible to the citizen. Eurospeak for Regions, not Parliaments.

8A-4. Will be used to abolish our Conservative, Labour and Lib-Dem Parties. Its the old EU constitution I-46-4 word for word: Political parties to be at the European level. The Madrid conference defined this in 1999 as parties with voters in 10 or more former nations. Our parties count voters in just one nation. Goodbye to the Lib-Lab-Con.

8B-3. The Commission may use consultation. Ballots, elections, referendums or democracy are not to be its way.

8B-4 One million citizens may petition the Commission to implement the glorious EU Treaties. We can only agree, Soviet style.  Old EU constitution clause I-47-4.

9 and 9A Implement EU constitution clauses I-19 to I-27 List of Institutions. Confirms their interest in the Regions.

There are three governing bodies which are unelected politburos, soviet style, each with up to 27 members:

9B The European Council is made up of heads of state, or “government” which could be any politician of their choosing. It meets 4 times a year, and chooses (and can fire) its President for 2.5 years, two terms maximum. He can be anyone from anywhere but not a head of state; he can fire a Commissioner.

9C The Council of Ministers, now The Council, is senior bureaucrat level; controls laws, the budget and policy.

9D The third level is the Commissioners,  20 people, anyone, from each country, provided (clause 3) he is not anti-EU. The Commission is the executive, the government or bureaucracy.

These three are politburos where EU politicians choose politicians; there are no elections to positions of power. Unlike Westminster, the EU Parliament in Brussels, the only elected body, has no executive power; it is a sham.

9E An EU foreign minister shall be appointed, and will be a Vice President of the Commission.

9F EU courts and EU judges shall enforce the six EU Treaties and former nations shall comply.

Article 10 Enhanced Cooperation: Former nations may wish to reinforce the EU’s integration using any powers remaining outside the EU’s absolute power.  If they don’t, the Council can enforce enhanced cooperation if former nations won’t cooperate. Clause 3: Only cooperating nations may vote in the council.

10-4 We must obey the acquis communautaire, 170,000 pages of active EU law. (EU regulations millions of pages)

10A c-3 Scores of clauses like this one confirm the EU is a military union. A military dictatorship.

That is just the first 26 pages of the 294. The six treaties repetitively remove all Westminster’s powers.  

There are no provisions for elections to Westminster, which will close. The EU’s 120,000 regulations will close most of Britains 4.5 million small businesses and control our lives more closely than were Soviet citizens. Harmonising our laws with the EU over 36 years has given us the laws of a police state, which the EU will enforce. Lisbon (illegally) “took primacy” over the British Constitution, which it nullifies, and as far as the EU, their puppet government in Westminster and our corrupted courts are concerned, the EU became our nation, and Britain was abolished as a nation on 1st January 2009.